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Happy People

 “Our passion is to build a society with happy families.  Join Others Rwanda is first and foremost… YOU! You may have a testimony that shows the bad impact of family conflicts on someone. Your feedback, your participation in events, your donations,  your ideas and your support. You make all the difference. On behalf of the many families who saw their lives transformed, and those who will have new opportunities because of your engagement. ”

Thank you.


Join Others Rwanda was founded in 2016 in Kigali City, Rwanda. The principal founder was born and grown in a family with solemn struggles, whereby her parents had never been together for more than a year due to serious struggles.  After overcoming different dilemmas from her childhood, she got married and formed her family.   Due to what she experienced, she is committed to bring people’s attention on bad impact of family conflicts in the society.


Peace making through building a society with happy families


Lift families through preventing, fighting and eradicating conflicts among them.


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