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COVID-19: Kigali City caution unnecessary parties as the pandemic spreading

Since the first case of COVID-19 infected person confirmed on the territory of Rwanda in March 2020, the country recorded a daily increase of cases which led to a total countrywide lockdown with exceptions to vital activities including health facilities and food shops.

Later on, some crucial activities resumed with due cautions to prevent the spread of this global pandemic mainly to frequently clean hands with soap and water or an alcohol based hand saniters, maintaining social distancing, wearing protective mask, avoiding places that convening many people and staying at home when possible.

On this Monday, according to the Ministry of Health, Rwanda recorded 217 new infected people and 2 new death cases.

The 9PM curfew and the fact that the bars and other entertaining parties have been temporarily banned, it has been reported that most of the partygoers adopted to house parties and family celebrations with a high notice to birthday celebrations, baby and bridal showers and meet for drink celebrations which most of the time involve guests.

Yesterday the City of Kigali, through their twitter account, warned people against hosting unnecessary parties that require inviting guests.

“COVID-19 is around!! We are advising you all to pay attention as you go out in public spaces or shopping. Do not hang around with friends, go straight for what you want, the more you socialize the more you are in danger to be contaminated. Think twice.”

An official from the institution told the media that it is their duty to remind Rwandans to be cautious in this period to help curb the spread of the virus, and that one way is to avoid convening people from different places.

“People have been hosting unnecessary parties in hotels and homes where they do not wear masks or practice social distancing, and no one is there to ensure that they do. This is dangerous because guest convene from different parts of the city yet the host does not know their status. Official from City of Kigali said.

Recently the City of Kigali has banned two major markets after a big number of market sellers tested positive which increased the total cases to more 526 new cases within three days. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Rwanda has recorded 3,306 of total infected cases and 14 death cases; while 1,754 people recovered and dismissed from hospitals.