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Rael grew up looking after her young sisters because their parents passed on while they were young. When she was 12 years old she used to help her uncle to sell in the shop near the border also not far from their home. This is how she took care of her siblings. One day as they were coming from the shop, her uncle told her that he was feeling sick.

The uncle asked her to prepare food and bring it to him in his bedroom. Once the food was ready, the young girl took it to him. As she entered in the room the uncle jumped out of his bed and locked the door, trying to rape her. The young girl in awe and fear she tried to run towards the door, in the running she tripped over a piece of wood and she fell down hitting her head against the door. She started bleeding, left with no choice the uncle shouted out for help. The neighbors came out and the girl was taken to hospital to be treated for the wound on her head. After getting healed, her uncle told her that they could no longer work together because she embarrassed him. These children started to suffer as they saw that they cannot bear it no more, they decided to go to stay with their grandmother. Because she was still alive. Their grandmother looked after them even though she didn't have enough means to take them all to school. After sometimes Rael got officially married with Jay who also happened to have a history of family issues.

He was helped (raised) by some priest organization where he served as a garden boy and they paid for his school plus some basic needs in return. Mr. Jay became an electrician and they got married. When they were getting married, they thought troubles were over. It was time to comfort each other. Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Rael’s family refused the dowry because they were one of the same ethnic with the gloom. Luckily Rael extended family and close friends intervened. This incident added salt on their wounds, their families started abandoning and rejecting them. Few years later they had their first born and they were living a simple life because the husband had no permanent job. And as time went on they gave birth to their second born who was born with disabilities. He could not speak nor hear anything. The father was not happy with first how the bride’s family treated him and the baby with disabilities so he decided to leave them without saying where he was going. The neighbors put their hands together and built a small house for this mother. She started depressing as she was running out ideas on how to look after her kids. She started learning a new skill of plating women’s hear thanks again to her neighbors who help her for money. Soon after enrolling for the new course that's when she got in touch with JOR. She explained what happens to her, how she was abandoned by both her family and husband. JOR took time to listen to her stories. Slowly but surely she started gaining her confidence.

After understanding most of life values, through the program "Know why", Real realized that she has to be resilient.  Actually once you are above 18 years no one owes anything. You are responsible for yourself. As she continued to grasp this new concept which was new to her as she thought it was the duty of a husband alone to feed the household. JOR went to explain to her that the children are also under her responsibility as they figure out where their father is.
Through talks and other sort of assistance to help her kick start. She has actually started getting some clients to plate hair and through the word of mouth the number of clients have been increasing and so she is getting her confidence.  Now she is able to provide for her children and for herself.

She appreciates much the help of JOR and she has expressed how she has managed to stay positive. For her in order to educate the child with disabilities she has relocated into town near the school for special needs children's education.
She survives on working piece jobs to gain money on a daily basis to keep her going with her children. They are now living a very simple and humble life..